Barum is a tire manufacturer based in the Czech Republic.
The company was originally set up as a subsidiary of Bata Shoes, which produced rubber-soled boots in Czechoslovakia.
The high cost of rail transport forced Bata to operate its own fleet of vehicles, and in 1934, to counteract the high costs of importing tires for its fleet, the company started to produce tires for its own use.
The three main rubber companies in Czechoslovakia were merged – Bata in Zlin, Rubena in Nachod (Kudrnac before 1945) and Mitas (Michelin + Veritas) in Prague-Strašnice and post-war in Hrádek nad Nisou, as Michelin’s initial subsidiary. .
The Bata family lost control of the business, which was seized by the state and the Barum Company was formed.
In 1966, the construction of a brand new production facility began in Otrokovice, and the following year the first radial tire was produced at the Zlin factory.
The factory was named Rudy Rijen (Red October) in 1953, after the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.
In 1992, a joint venture agreement was signed with Continental AG.