Goodride is one of the main brands of the Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber, which ranks 10th among tire manufacturers in the world. The brand was established in 1958, and after the launch of the first tire model, it gained serious popularity first in the local market, and soon after that in the world. Today, Goodride boasts a global presence, as its tires are sold in over 120 countries around the world (including EU countries and the US) and distributed by more than 10,000 dealers. The brand’s products are produced in a total of six factories in China and Thailand. All factories are equipped with the most advanced technologies possible and automated production lines, which greatly reduces the risk of human error. Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber places great emphasis on the quality of its products, so it invests more than 50 million dollars a year in its research centers, and their efforts are not in vain. With each passing year, Goodride tires become not only safer and more comfortable, but also with more and more advanced features and technology.