Originally known as Samyang Tire, Kuhmo Tire is a South Korean tire manufacturer that supports the entire market in the world. It is the second largest tire manufacturer in South Korea by sales and the seventh largest Korean company overall. It operates three tire manufacturing plants in South Korea, three in China, one in Vietnam and one in the United States. It also runs numerous research centers around the world. Kumho means Bright Lake in Korean. Kumho Tire began as an offshoot of a taxi and bus service in 1960 and grew rapidly, as did the Korean economy. In 1963, Kumho Tire produced the first passenger tire manufactured in South Korea in 1964. In early 1966 Kumho Tires began exporting tires to the USA, where at that time demand had grown dramatically. In 1977, the subsidiary Kumho Tires was established and the new expansion into the UK market began. On March 5, 2018, DoubleStar Tire purchased a controlling interest in Kumho Tire for US$597.4 million. That gives them 45% of the South Korean tire maker.