Petlas is a Turkish company established back in 1976.
The brand is the eleventh largest exporter in Turkey and produces tires for cars, vans, trucks, and the portfolio is not limited to those products.
Petlas is also involved in the production of tires for use in the agriculture, industry, mining and aircraft construction.
It operates in 98 countries around the world thanks to its excellent logistics network.
It is a curious fact that since 1993 Petlas is the only company in Turkey that produces tires for aircrafts and military equipment.
The company was established through a Joint Venture with Sumitomo Tires.
Satisfying the most demanding taste, the company enjoys a constant rise and growth in sales, due to the high quality and reasonable prices with which it impresses.
With over 40 years of experience Petlas has specialized in the production of military tires and in their portfolio there are models for SUVs, trucks with 4×4 drive and agricultural machinery as well.