Riken is a Japanese company that today is part of the large Michelin family. Riken is extremely popular in the production of tires, in the more budget segment. The first steps towards the creation of the company were made in 1917, when the Riken Gomu Industrial Institute was also founded. 1988 was the European debut of Riken, where the Japanese achieved stunning success, and the fans of the brand increased enormously in just a few years. These constants are also what attracted the interest of the first largest tire manufacturer in the world – Michelin, which in 1992 included Riken in its large family. Today, the production of Riken brand tires is entrusted to a company based in Pirot (Serbia), which employs over 2,000 people. Both Riken and Michelin tires are produced at the Serbian plant, with the products mainly intended for the European market