The brand was established in 1958. as a sub-brand of Nexen tires. An interesting fact is that until the 1980s Roadstone was a popular brand mainly in Asia. However, the high quality, economical price and the variety of models and sizes of tires that the brand offers quickly make it quite popular, and in the early 90s, its products began to be exported to the Middle East and Australia. A little later, Roadstone also entered the European market and were highly appreciated by all consumers who high-quality tires at affordable prices. Although it is offered as a budget class brand, Roadstone tires are very high quality, high-tech, durable and environmentally friendly. In addition to being high quality and high tech, as already stated, Roadstones are also available at very affordable prices. And this makes them preferred by more and more users in our country and around the world. Currently, Roadstone is manufactured in two factories in Korea and one in China, which have advanced and high-tech facilities.