Taurus was founded in 1882. In Budapest, Hungary, by the company Ruggyanta Arugıár. The Taurus brand was born a little later in 1913, and the familiar lotto (silhouette of a bull) appeared in the world in 1923. The beginning of the 60s for Taurus is a time of powerful development and many successes. By the end of the 1970s, almost all trucks and farm equipment had Taurus tires. In 1996, the brand became part of the family of one of the largest tire manufacturers – Michelin. Today, Taurus has a wide distribution network (with over 1000 points of sale in Europe), and its product range is regularly updated. Thanks to the support of Michelin, since 2013, the Taurus brand has also offered car and SUV tires in the High Performance and Ultra High Performance categories.